Smartsheet for Property Management


Property and facilities management professionals are able to improve customer and tenant experience when they are equipped with the tools that enable immediate issue visibility, mobile response, and real-time tracking of progress across locations.

Smartsheet increases property and facilities management efficiency by providing a central location for data inputs by clients, tenants, and support teams that can be quickly or automatically assigned for action. Removing tedious data exports and time to address issues improves tenant experience, leading to increased client satisfaction.

How Does Smartsheet Help My Organization?

Site Operations

Capture issues in real time, increase collaboration among project teams, vendors, and clients, and save time with accurate resource management.

Increase Your ROI

Get more value from your apps when they work together. Smartsheet's point and click integrations with Office 365 make each more powerful and useful than they are on their own.

Break Down Barriers

Use Smartsheet and Office 365 to reduce barriers to productivity through real-time, contextual communications, insight and visibility into work, and secure movement of data.

Smartsheet Control Center Overview

With Smartsheet Control Center, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your program and all of the projects and processes that are part of it. These videos are designed to help orient program leads as they get started creating blueprints and establishing a project intake process.

Control Center is a premium offering available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase Control Center, please contact Smartsheet sales.

Enterprise-Wide Confidence

The Smartsheet work execution platform powers the growth engine of the world’s leading organizations.


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