Agile Implementation Assessments

Automated Agile Assessment tools that can assess teams, team members and how teams are performing by measuring variables of Organizational Culture, Business Technology/Tools, Management Approved Business Processes and Team dynamics. Automated to be executed on a regular cadence  by the Scrum Master or self-service by team members.     


How's that Agile
Implementation going?

Agile Implementation Assessments

Our comprehensive Agile Assessments identify the current Maturity Level of your team to determine the baseline understanding of the core Agile Principles. The results of this analysis is a multi-level Maturity Progressions Model based on 4 core areas of Agile Success.


Team Skill Set


Management Style 


We have many solutions for Organizations that are growing increasingly frustrated by current rigid processes and information silos produced from past methods. The Agile Implementation Assessment provides the roadmap to achieve your Agile goals, powered by Smartsheet.


Now that you have Jira or

Salesforce what's Next? 

Agile Smartsheet Workflow Development


Bi-directional workflows synchronize data whether edited in Smartsheet or Salesforce, ensuring all stakeholders are viewing the most up-to-date information.


Bi-directional workflows synchronize data whether edited in Smartsheet or JIRA, giving better visibility across development and business teams.


Enables sales teams to seamlessly hand off customers to customer success teams, efficiently manage and forecast pipelines, and deliver deeper visibility into sales processes and performance for sales leaders.


Advanced Smartsheet

Work at Scale.

Agile Project Management Dashboard Development

Dashboards and portals provide real-time visibility into critical data and essential resources with easy-to-configure views. Dashboards and portals are made up of different widgets associated with the different types of data you want to share. They can be shared with anyone, and are easily viewed on the mobile app.

Dashboards provide real-time visibility into the status of the business, providing critical KPIs through metric, chart and graph, and report widgets that help users make better decisions, faster. A Sales Pipeline dashboard that highlights tasks, opportunities and other key metrics to track pipeline and performance is a perfect example of this.

Smartsheet in Action