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About J.P. Howard & Associates

Is your business competitive in our ever-changing world? Are your people and technology aligned? Well, you´ve come to the right place.


Companies need single, secure and scalable solutions through modern platforms to do more with less!

At JP Howard & Associates, we facilitate processes, accelerate workflows, automate collaboration requirements and transform businesses through Agile Methodologies and Smartsheet. We have been in this journey for several years and through software tools we have delivered the best possible business outcomes.

Now I want to hear about your story, contact us today to see how we can transform the way you work


- Jerome Howard, Jr.

Company Overview

Over 25 years of combined system design, architecture & implementation experience. We deliver the highest value and most impact helping organizations developing integration strategy and alignment. Speaking or implementing an organization´s creative vision, transitions, and facilitating key stakeholder alignment.

We specialize in the implementation of comprehensive business automation solutions powered by Smartsheet. We are passionate about delivering business systems that enable efficient and collaborative communication across teams of any size, without the limitations imposed by time zones.

Our Team


Jerome Howard, Jr | Chief Associate

Jerome is a strategically minded Project Management and Agile Professional with 25+ years of experience; with past roles in Fiber Optic Engineering, Cellular Network Infrastructure Revenue Assurance, Digital and Print Marketing, Software Development, Network Administration, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Education, Insurance, Banking and HealthCare. Jerome´s Job is to re-design enterprise processes that delight our customers using Smartheet. Reach him at 

Brett Jones | Commercial Associate

Brett joined our team in 2020 to elevate the client voice in all that we do. When he is successful, we are developing deep and lasting partnerships with our clients. Brett's job is to check in regularly and listen for opportunities to help them improve the effectiveness of SmartSheet as tool. He wants to hear from you. Reach him at

Angelo Liriano | Development Associate

Angelo joined our team in 2020; he is a Telematics Engineer and Project Manager with more than seven years of experience. He has been working as an IT products/services consultant for customers from many productive industries. Angelo´s job is to develop smartsheet solutions, perform testing, create documentation and gather customer´s feedback. Reach him at

Rafael Pérez | Development Associate

Rafael joined our team in 2020; he is an Electromechanical Engineer and Project Manager with more than six years of experience. He has been responsible for civil, electrical and mechanical projects from their initiating stages until the closing. Rafael´s job is to use tools such as Smartsheet to automate/improve processes, also to manage projects. Reach him at  rperez@jphaa.

Terrel Headshot.png

Terrell Hampton | Development Associate

Terrel joined our team in 2019;  Reach him at



Open Positions

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