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Customize Smartsheet to your process!

Smartsheet Solutions Development

Choosing the right technology is only the first step in any successful transformation or change. Our experts partner with you to bring your vision to life by aligning the people, processes, technology, and strategy to redefine the way you work.

Smartsheet Update Requests &

Automated Agile Assessments

Automated Agile Assessment tools that can assess teams, team members and how teams are performing by measuring variables of:

1. Organizational Culture

2. Business Technology/Tools

3. Management Approved Business Processes

4. Team dynamics.

With Smartsheet, Automated Assessment workflows can be scheduled to execute on a regular cadence  by the Scrum Master or self-service by team members.     

Smartsheet Solutions Overview.png

Dashboards and Reports

The ongoing results of an Agile assessment can be scheduled to occur on a regular interval with advanced analytics on Evergreen Dashboards and Reports used for strategic alignment and general project performance.

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Agile Maturity Assessment Scale Level

The results from this Automated Agile Assessment will provide the information to evaluate teams as they progress through a well-defined Level 0 to 5 Maturity Scale for team adherence to the Agile Playbook.

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Agile Implementation Playbook

The Agile Center of Excellence is driven by the comprehensive Agile Playbook, that contains the reference documentation for the approved Agile methodologies (Scrum, Feature Driven Development & Dynamic systems development method). It also includes a checklist of Scrum Master tasks to achieve for each level of Agile Maturity with Agile Coach KPI tracking.

Smartsheet IT PMO Dashboard.PNG

Automated Agile Meeting Dashboards

(Agile in a box)

Originating as a method to better manage SOW consultants’ time, The Agile In-Meeting Dashboards are a collection of dashboards for each of the agile ceremonies used. The agenda is dynamically updated based on requirements status and is sent to required attendees. It allows SME’s to provide the required insight to the agenda before, during and after in their own words. Streamlining communication and maximizing budgets of time allocated for project meetings.


The intention of Agile is to align development with business needs, and the success of Agile is apparent. Agile projects are customer focused and encourage customer guidance and participation. As a result, Agile has grown to be an overarching view of software development throughout the software industry and an industry all by itself.

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-inspired task and project management tool with powerful collaboration and communication features that are crucial for Agile project management. You can make real-time updates and alert your team about the new changes, and share your plan with internal and external stakeholders to increase transparency and keep everyone on the same page.

Since Smartsheet is cloud-based you can track project requirements, access documents, create timelines, and send alerts from virtually anywhere. Choose from broad range of smart views – Grid, Calendar, Gantt, Dashboards – to manage projects the way you want. Plus, with our newest view, Card View, teams have a more visual way to work, communicate, and collaborate in Smartsheet. Card View enables you to focus attention with rich cards, give perspective with flexible views, and prioritize and adjust work more visually. Act on tasks and change status of work by dragging and dropping cards through lanes to immediately share decisions with the entire team.

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